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3:11 p.m. - 2011-03-28
Love this and wanted to share... stop buying into the "stuff"

6:49 p.m. - 2011-03-16
Nothing sometimes is better than something
Reading back over my entries I've noticed I write better about nothing, than I do something? What the?

Why is that?

OR.... maybe I read nothing better to myself than I do something?

I didnt think of that, until just now...

6:43 p.m. - 2011-03-15
A great mentor!
No time for an entry today. But I was given a link to a super cool website. Its called Urban Homestead. This guy and his family basically a sustainable life on a small piece of urban property. Very cool, you should check it out!

10:12 p.m. - 2011-03-08
Oh good grief!
I have been reading all these things about how to do my part and help save the planet.
I get upset at things I find out like what the government or big companies are doing to screw up our delicate eco system.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.. REDUCE,REUSE, RECYCLE!!..
It plays over and over in my head!

Well.. Here has been my last three days.

I am re-doing my sons room. The whole house needs freshening up really. I mean its been ten years! Shes do!
So we go and pick out the paint, come home, I getting things in order, and we paint!
Oh what a lovely shade of paint he has picked. We stand back and admire our work...

Its time to clean up... I gather my paint brushes, pans, rollers... and head to the basement. as I begin to washing, the paint starts to swirl down the drain.. Egads! what the hell am I doing? Should I be washing these in the sink? is there a better way.. Dang'it! Why didnt I buy the earth friendly paint?! What now!
I break out in a sweat, I start breathing heavy...and my head began to swim....(Now that I think of it..I think I had my first panic attack)...
As I calmed myself down. I agreed next time I will buy the earth friendly paint and do a little more homework before the next paint project.

But it doesn't stop there.

Today was the day we ripped out the carpet to reveal the lovely hard woods underneath. The carpet was reclaimed.. (meaning we got it used from someone else) Wonderful! But now it was just to nasty to pass on to another.. what do I do?... Oh god.. oh god.. here it comes..another panic attack! THIS! all THIS is going to go in the land fill! Think of all the carpet that gets thrown away everyday! What am I going to do?! I cant store it anywhere.. my house is 20 X 30 - I dont know how many sq feet that is - but its not a lot! Ok.. Just put it outside I say.. I'll deal with it later.
*sigh* it is now raining and the carpet is getting soaked.

I am happy to say. My sons room looks great! But I have a far way to go before I can call myself a true tree hugging hippie.. I have a feeling they would have busted out the milk paint.. recycled the carpet into a steam hut and called it a day..

So now I'm off to google how to redecorate and still be earth friendly.

Till next time.. Reduce! Reuse! and.....Recycle! ;)

2:16 p.m. - 2011-03-07
I always forget the bags!
... I forgot my grocery bags sunday..again!! naughty girl. I was in such a hurry I ran out without them. I need to start putting them back in my car once the groceries are unloaded. But its sooo cold...

There is how ever an alternative if you forget.. tell them you want paper! I dont think they even ask anymore. They just start shoving everything in plastic!

If you want fold them back up and put them with your fabric bags folded'll be able to use them again.
Or you can use them to hold your recycled stuff for the curb.
Or burn them if you have that option. :)

a list of products you can recycle..some you may have not thought of..

1:00 p.m. - 2011-03-03
They've done more than pave paradise
well my quest to become best friends with mother nature has started off with nothing more than a few recycled cans, and lots and lots of reading.

A word to the wise. If you want to depress the shit out of yourself watch a few documentaries on how we are killing the planet. It gives you a gung-ho attitude and then eventually leaves with a feeling of utter destitute. If that is the right word for it.

I can yell and scream about it, hold a sigh, march up and down the sidewalk..people will gather, they will listen, clap there hands.. then move along with their day, and do EXACTLY what they did yesterday.

We are going to hell in a hand basket, and we are taking the planet with us.. all the bullshit we do out! we are like thousands of cockroaches feeding until there is nothing left. And if nothing changes we are destine to exist no more.

There are people with the extraordinary power to change this. But fuck your air, fuck your trees, and most of all fuck your planet! its theirs.. they do as they please and they are going to feed you a bunch of garbage to make you think all is ok so their wallets stay fat! ...shhhh..They know best...

Yes small changes make a difference, but in the end... we need big changes.

I ask the five of you who actually read my stuff... read, educate yourself..and spread the word. Find out what you can do to play the part. If enough people get wise. Then maybe, just maybe we will make big changes!

your friend, the pissed off wannabe hippie (Update)I'm going to add a few links... Ive never done this so it might not work

2:32 p.m. - 2011-02-21
By George I think she has it!
Ok! I've got it! I know what my platform will be! I have a quest for sustainable and more responsible way of living. while I am a far ways off I thought I would share with you the baby steps I make on the way. I cant guarantee I will add an entry every day... and I cant guarantee that every entry will be worth reading... but I have a goal people. Please check to make sure there are not pigs flying outside your window.

your friend... a born again hippie.

12:58 p.m. - 2011-02-10
Holy shit its February
Two! Two is the number of gifts I made before my attention went elsewhere. And apparently I�ve lost track of time because I haven�t written in my diary since November! How do I expect to get loyal followers if I cant keep them interested! Oy!

So since I�ve been away Mother Nature has gone mad and Egyptians have had enough! Viva la Egypt� or something like that.
If I was an irrational person I�d think the end of the world was soon coming. But I don�t� just so you know.
I have all intentions on being here in 2012 and beyond. As a matter of fact I plan on seeing 2065!

Gawd that sounds so space aged doesn�t it!

When I was a kid, that song I�m gonna party like its 1999, brought images of partying in my space house with my space friends being served by my smart ass space maid like Joan Jetson! And if not, I�d at least be rockin� out in a space aged shinny suit!
Boy was I off� I should have been thinking more Startrek� with my computer, cell phone, and skyp.

One thing I have done since I�ve been away. I have committed to do volunteer work. My first experience was with hippies! And it was AWESOME! *I just sung that awesome in my head* I froze my ass of sifting dirt through a small screen to help get ready for the spring planting in a CSA greenhouse. Not really what I had planned on, with my quest to save the world� but it will do for my first try.

Oh! I also had my first Gelato experience� with a double shot of Espresso! If I had to replace sex with something� it would be THAT!

For those of you who have stuck around much love� *insert trendy tag line!*

7:55 a.m. - 2010-11-14
Diary Neglect
I am a bad little girl.... I neglect my diary like a child does a pet on summer vacation. It is there, in the back of my mind, but BIGGER, better things come along. Oh the things I've been up to.... *twisting my villainous mustache* No. I joke. Everything I've been up to is all perfectly legal in most states. ;)

Today I woke up early for a Sunday...(I forgot to turn off my alarm)...I got up with big plans in my head....and so far I've only drank a cup O' coffee.
I have perfected procrastination, which is probably the whole reason why I'm writing in my diary. Pure avoidance of yard work!
I love my garden. But I hate all the labor that is involved. I also have started making Christmas presents for my family. That has my interest at the moment. So I really dont want to do anything but that! I'm a Gemini... its how I work... wonder how many gifts I'll complete before I lose interest and have to buy them a "real" gift?
Well I've done entry... I can go about my day at least accomplishing something.

*insert trendy tag line here*

4:52 p.m. - 2010-09-19
Just venting
I deleted this entry because I am no longer mad at my husband! :D till next time.....

8:46 a.m. - 2010-09-09
Pfft...we cant even do socialism right...
�..Faithless custodians of capital making themselves multimillionaires and multibillionaires, while playing beanbag with money better spent on creating meaningful jobs and training people to fill them, and raising our young and retiring our old in surroundings of respect and safety.

That is a excerpt from Timequake. A great book. But the reason for me posting it is because as always I am disgusted with society as a whole.

I have no problem with money, or people making a lot of it. But it seems that people make LOTS of money at the expense of others.

Take healthcare. It is a FOR profit �business�. People make money off of the sick and dieing. This is so wrong on so many levels. And I don�t think people think much about it on a daily basis.

But what happens when you get sick, or your child gets sick, or you parents get sick?! You have a few options. Get government assistance. Which so many have done, and a whole other rant�Maybe you just don�t get the care you really need and ignore it. Which a lot of people do,�.Then there is going deeply in debt and hope what the doctors have proposed will work for you. I mean, healthcare IS a science people. No guarantees....

Socialize Healthcare!? YESI said!...

but that is not what we got. What we got is...

*Everyone is now required by law to have healthcare or pay a fine at the end of the year when you file your taxes.


Has anyone read the definition of socialized medicine?
Any system supplying complete medical and hospital care, through public funds, for all the people in a community, district, or nation.

This is not what we got. We got a forced healthcare...which millions can not afford, but are in that gray area and will have to get some sort of healthcare, out of pocket, because they do not qualify for welfare. So what they�ll get is a Geico type of coverage. They will pay a �cheep� premium every month, and when they get sick find out it doesn�t cover shit.

Again I have to emphasize healthcare is a FOR profit business. So what major healthcare provider had their hand in the pockets of politicians when this bill was written? Disgusting!

It is one of the many things the government says it is trying to do for the American people.
To that I say �blow me �
I cant remember the last time the government did anything for �its� people without an agenda.

7:30 a.m. - 2010-09-02
I am a swooper and proud of it
I have less than 30 min to write an entry. I havent done this in a few days. I always go gun ho on things and then slack off.
Is it 'gun'? or 'gung'? I always say it with a g at the end. Write me if you know the answer to that.

I have been reading Vonnegut....and he mentions that there are two kinds of writers.
swoopers and bashers. Which is interesting. because he is right. and he also goes on to say that women are manly swoopers....Again! I think he is correct. I am a swooper. I type what I'm thinking then I go back and change what I dont like.
Bashers, who are mostly men... painstakingly go sentence to sentence making everything perfect as they go.

I now only have 15 min to get ready for work.... but I have a bunch of things to post about the latest book I've been reading..... more to come. Hopefully

7:46 a.m. - 2010-08-26
In the mood for writing.

But what to write about.

I�m reading Timequake right now. Great book by the way. But I�m in no mood to give book reports, or discuss books. As of late that really isnt working out for me.

Something odd.

I have seen the same car on the highway everyday for the last three days. We meet at the same place on the highway everyday. I think that�s odd since I never get on the highway at the exact same time everyday. But there they are� right behind me as I merge and I watch them as they fade quickly in my re-view. I wonder if they notice me?

I haven�t watched the news in over a month. If the planet is about to fall apart, or explode. Would someone please let me know. I�ll quit paying my mortgage and run of to a more beautiful destination and watch the world end from there.

My garden is dead.

I'm totaly bummed about that.

I neglected it for far to long. I got really busy there for a few weekends in a row. By the time I made it out there it was such a mess I threw my hands up and said forget it. Yes, that�s the Gemini in me.

Speaking of. I just read an article about Gemini�s, and I have to say I was very disappointed. Yes most of what they say about the typical Gemini was all true. Adaptable, versatile, communicative, intellectual, youthful...and so on. lol! But then!....They lack consistency, very child like, superficial, over indulgent. Uhg. me? Really? Ok? I never thought of myself as superficial.

Oh and it went on. But I wont point out any more of that.

Its funny when you read about your astrological sign. How right they are about you. Really there is no changing it. Only dealing with it...and trying to make the bad qualities take a back seat to the good.

Shit, so I took a break for a minute, and saw that someone had posted this. The tag� Look at yourself after watching this�

So now I�m speechless. How to follow that without looking like an ass.

Off to work on the superficial me.

10:34 p.m. - 2010-08-20
Thank god its Friday
My silver flip-flops?! Where are my silver flip-flops!?

I'm gonna be late for work...

I grab the gold ones and rush down the stairs... "crap!" the bathroom light is on, and my son's tv has been on all night. I hear Maury ask a lady if she is mad.. she says "oh I'm pissed Maury, I'm beyond pissed I'm pisstodium" ......What? I turn off the bathroom light, and my sons tv....I hope that didnt do any psychological damage to him in his sleep.... I walkout the door and startle the two finches that love my Corn flowers. They fly to the electric line that runs down the street. As I look up, I notice two other very tiny birds sitting there. Humming birds! They take off, and I watch as the two play tag, zigging and zagging out of trees and bushes, and then they disappear out of view. I walk to the car happy to have seen that.

I start the car and the CD is still at full blast from the ride home the day before. My driveway is suddenly filled with the sounds of Phish..... I'm sure my neighbors were ready to wake up anyway. Right?

I head down my street and the normal crew is out and about, I wave my normal hellos and I'm off to work...

*ding ding ding*

I look down. "crap!" gas! I'm really going to be late for work.

My hands fumble for the CD's, enough with Phish.

I think to myself how much I hate this red light. It seems to stay red for eternity. And just then, the image of Michael "squints"palledorous from sandlot pops in my head "FOR-EVER!" the light changes and I'm off again

*ding ding ding

"I KNOW!" gas! I need to get gas!

Oh wait, seatbelt... *click

I pull into the gas station and fill up....."FOR-EVER"! I'm going to be late for work...

I put in a very slooooow $20 and head down the road.

I find something to sing along to and notice there is a lovely red mustang on my ass...?

Ok...I hit the highway and I'm on my way... I may make it ontime after all.

Traffic is light, I love Fridays. Friday!? Thank god....

7:02 p.m. - 2010-08-18
I'm what?!
I think I may have learned a few new things about myself I never knew. I am impulsive and self indulgent. Not a very good combination.

And I'll tell you why...

One can not possibly know how someone else looks at life. Yes we all have likes and dislikes. But this just gives us a common bond, nothing more.

Perception - the process of using the senses to acquire information.

So I gather the facts, and make a conclusion on what I think I have observed. Now this observation is one sided. I can not see all fours sides of the "block". If I'm lucky I can see two... this gives me a very distorted version of what I have perceived. But I see what I see, there for I come up with an impression, and form an opinion.

We all do it.

I have never been one to think I judge others so quickly, but I have learned over the past few weeks.. I do exactly that! I see things the way I see them, and make a judgment... and this my friends is where I get in trouble. I do not sit back and pause....take a breath... or mull it over... I impulsively spat out what ever it is I am thinking.

But now that I see that, do I want to change it? I like the fact I am a bit impulsive. I like that I don't worry so much about what I say. But as of late I am more concerned on who I am spouting off too... and how they are looking back at me.

Remember they can only see two sides of me if they are lucky.?

4:48 p.m. - 2010-08-15
Just a thought
I'm still trying to figure out how I lost something that was never mine.....

8:14 p.m. - 2010-08-13
Todays entry...more randomness from a right brain Gemini.
The funny thing about what to write about. It comes to me in the most inconvenient times.

I was at a funeral today. And I thought this church is beautiful. And the rituals Catholics are know for..well, it made me feel like I was bonded with those around me. All of us reciting the lords prayer in sync, and the random amens, and hallelujahs. And after all that bonding, we ate, gave hugs...and parted. I wont see these people till the next wedding, or funeral.

.....hmmm my thoughts will have to wait. With the ringing phone, is an invitation to visit with friends. And a good friend is what I need right now.

Round two?

I know I was going to complain about shopping yesterday when I started writing this. But now I'm over it so it wont seem as passionate.

I can say this how ever. I hate the fact we live in a buy crap for the sake of buying crap society. When you purchase a product is should be purchased with the intent you need it and are going to keep it for a very long time.

Oh! and it would be nice if I could go into a store and have the choice of buying a high quality item, or the cheap piece of shit from China. That is one of the many reason why I hate box stores like Walmart. <-- a deep hatred that will have me going on for hours so I will stop myself now.

Work..I've been wanting to say how shitty it has been lately. That too, since it is Saturday, I'm over. so I'll have to write more about that later.

What I'm not over. Smoking! I stopped about four months ago. And I would love nothing more than to have a nice long drag...*sigh* I'll probably just go eat a pound of cookies!

Sooo..I guess what I started last night I should have finished. I've drawn a blank. but I had a lovely time with my friends.

Feeling a bit off today. So I guess I'll stop this rambling for now.

9:53 p.m. - 2010-08-07
did you write something?
So it has accrued to me. That this diary. Even public, is probably just read by me. I always worry about what I�m saying here. Like someone will read it, and be offended, mislead, or maybe, just plan old judge me. �What the fuck should I care?! Its MY diary�and while I�d love to have a host of readers. I hardly doubt I�ve had more than seven in the last year. At one point I think I even gave my password to a good friend who was trying to help me change my layout. And THEY didn�t even come here to read my shit. *laughing* actually its more of a snicker. Hey? Didn�t I write a disclaimer at one point? So why write? I love it. I would write a book if I thought I was up to the task. I cant keep my real life striate, let alone a fictional one. Plus I�ve been told my �grammar� is horrific! Mmeh.. I�m dyslexic, it happens. That�s what you pay editors for right? I cant tell you how long it took me to get all the �theres� straitened out. I had to come up with a trick. I�ve had to do that with a lot of things. But its cool�I�ve learned to adapt. It makes me think outside the box. There was a skit by George Carlin. I loved it. It was me! He talks about how fucked up the English language is. I could SO relate. George Carlin is brilliant by the way. Or was� -I�ll have to remind myself to Google that later. I think the fact I did horrible in school, lead me to doubt everything about myself. Until I got out in the real world and realized� what other people thought had no barring on where I went in life. Only I could make me who I was. And I�ve done a pretty damn good job for someone the teachers thought would end up a worthless bum. -their words, not mine- ...more to come...

11:13 p.m. - 2010-08-06
I will make this short! Its late, and I feel like writing, just not what I feel like writing about....Anyway...I lost my damn pass word!
I was searching for it, knowing it had to be on my desk someplace, and there it password. *sound the angelic aaaah's* Under a pile of junk. More specific. A calendar of Yiddish, a few loose cd's, a hand full of receipts (I should have pitched months ago), and a few other pieces of paper with what I think are more passwords! How the hell did it stay lost so long?
so I back!...Miss me?!

8:18 a.m. - 2010-03-30
Even I'm impressed!
Well would you look at that! No more blue. My eyes are screaming thank you!
I will keep working on changes. But one hurtle at a time folks. This was BIG for me!

I�m off work today. Thank god for Pesakh!

On my to-do-list. Change this stinkin� background! <-- one thing I can check off as done.
Now I have to check the weather, hoping I can get out and play in the yard. I love getting my hands dirty. I also have a pile of laundry and a sink full of dishes. HA! Whats new there. Always a dirty house. Not sure how that happens really, with all the time I spend cleaning it! Pfft..where�s my maid?

I�m also going to try and bake homemade bread today. Yes, homemade! Wish me luck. If nothing else my house will smell wonderful, even if the bread isn�t eatable. This is one of my new adventures. I�m trying to go �organic�. That�s a bit hard to do, and its killing my pocket book. A gallon of organic milk is over five dollars! Still doesn�t beat Alaska�s eleven dollar gallon of milk. I think at those prices, I�d buy a cow!

Ok, I�m burning daylight...More to come! And maybe next time I will have learned how to change the link font color.

6:49 a.m. - 2010-03-27
Wishful thinking
Wow...I have done it. It was only a matter of time you know. I�m neglecting my diary. I had planned to write everyday, or at least every other day. Its been five days. Well four, today would make it five, and since I�m writing today. I guess that doesn�t count.

What to write about...looks like the government is under attack by the American people who are threatening to kill them over the Healthcare Bill. Nice, way to go America. I�m sure violence will get you exactly what you want.

But any who....They get enough press so on to something a little lighter. Saturday mornings...Arent they great. I�ve been up since a little after five and on any other given day I�d be bitching about it. But today, I don�t have to work! Yay! The day is mine. So the earlier I wake up, the more of this day I get to use how ever I want. Things I would do...
Go to the Art Museum, stop by the Krohn conservatory, visit Finley market for the first time, take a stroll along the historical walk in KY, hike one of our many public parks, work in my garden, visit family, watch an old movie, Read a book. The list is endless really. But, I look around and see there is laundry to be done, dishes to be washed, and a bathroom that really, really needs to be clean. When did I get so responsible, and why cant I afford a maid?

Until next time...*I�m still working on my trendy signature...y�all have a wonderful Saturday

6:35 a.m. - 2010-03-22
Its 6:30 on a Monday morning. I have to hop in the shower at 7 and get myself to work. Spring is in the air and the smell of spring has brought on a bad case of allergies. I�m debating on whether to call in sick. But I�m a wimp, I wont. I�ll go in, and suffer through the day.

I never had allergies as a kid, so I�m not quite sure where they came from. And I have no idea what the hell it is I am so allergic to this time of year. ?? Mold maybe? Who knows. But it sucks!

Last year I promised myself I would go buy some local honey and eat a teaspoon everyday. Apparently this is an old remedy to keep the �allergies� away. The thought behind it is...the bees collect all kids of pollen from the area, and in eating this honey your body becomes adjusted to it. And no more allergies.

I cant tell you if it works. I still haven�t stopped by the little honey stand and picked up a bottle.
Next year...

11:00 a.m. - 2010-03-21
This whole diary thing is new to me. I�m still trying to figure out what�s, what. Writing I can do�.but adding buddies, changing my layout, and finding members here is a bit tricky. Not that it isn�t �user� friendly. I�m just technically challenged.
Aside from sending and receiving mail, and doing a google search now and then. My skills on the computer are pretty much null.
HTML wha?
Guess I�ll be doing a little reading on the good ol� compy here in the near future.

Till then, I hope you don�t mind the blue background with white lettering. I know, it�s a bit hard on the eyes�.but I�ll work on it.

I�m still not sure what I should write about either. It seems that most have a �subject matter�. Something that is their own. Consistent. On topic, and one subject. Like boats, divorce... And so on.
Me I ramble. I don�t want to just talk about one subject. We shall see how this all works out.
So�. I hope you enjoy reading my �diary� what ever that may be.

*insert trendy signature sign off here <--- still thinking on this one too!

12:39 p.m. - 2010-03-20
The rambling of a complete right brained Gemini
My views on the world are at times a dreamer would be.
I don�t watch much news, it depresses the hell out of me.
But things usually get brought to my attention either by posts, links, or just running across it on the good ol� internet. And I cant understand why, in the year 2010 that there is still so much...what�s the word? Garbage? Hatred? Greed? My heart is heavy at times with the thought. I would love for one brief moment of clarity. An aha moment. Where everyone takes a big sigh of relief, and all is right for just a second.
How would that feel?
Wouldn�t that be lovely.
And maybe, just maybe, we wouldn�t go back.

Deserve is a funny word. I hear it from a lot of people. By definition - to have earned, or be worthy of, warrant, or justified..What makes one person �deserve� over another person. Aren�t we all deserving of something? Each persons definition of deserve is different. And what they think they deserve as well. Who decides this worthiness? I think deserve and desire go hand in hand. You think you deserve that big raise, and you probably do..but more so, you desire it. Why, because its more money! No one can blame you for that.
And why do you want that? Because as a society we have decided that its not ok to live small, and within our means.
After all, you have to compete with the Jones�s.

And to end..because I ramble, I will say this one last thing.

When we had this �financial melt down�. I was hoping for something most might find crazy.
Simpler living. Back to basics. Live with what you need, not what you desire or �deserve�.
A let the big dogs fight over the scraps, while the rest of us sip lemonade from the lemons �they�ve� left us, and feel sorry as we laugh. A kind of pity if you will, that they have had with us �have nots� for so long.
But it hasn�t happened. YET...Again I�m a dreamer, and I�m holding out hope. Till then, I�ll continue to not watch the news, as I sip lemonade, sigh, and pretend for just one moment all is right in this little world.

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